This gallery is dedicated to the works of author Terry Brooks (with permission), I have tried to capture some of the imagery inspired by the first series of Shannara books.

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Some scenes and places from the prequel

'First King of Shannara'

Bremen and Mareth in the low grounds of Paranor
'Stedden Keep'
Stedden Keep
Risca readies the druid fire as the northland army breeches Stedden Keep.
'The Shade of Galaphile'
Bremen seeks council with the shade Galaphile
Bremen enters the smouldering ruins of Varfleet.
'The Journey North'
Bremen and the young Allanon journey north.
'Silver River'
Kinson Ravenlock rests on the bank of the Silver River before heading east.
'Anar Forest'
Mareth and Kinson rest before continuing their search for the dwarfs.
'Jerle Shanara'
Jerle ponders the power of the sword.
'Battle for Rhenn'
Jerle, Bremen and Allanon gaze at the massing northland army across the Rhenn Valley

Some scenes and places from

'Sword of Shannara'

'Allanon & Flick'
Flick's first encounter with the druid Allanon.
'Panamon Creel'
Panamon grows tired of the anoying Gnome Orl Fane as Shea and Kelset watch on.
Kern on the Mermidon River
'The Elfstones of Shannara'
'The Chosen'
The Chosen entered the Gardens of Life
The city of Arborlon
The Dagda Mor breachs the Forbidding
Allanon returns to the druids keep
A battle rages high on the keep
Allanon confronts the Dagda Mor
'Drey Wood'
Elven outpost
'The Pykon'
The ancient Elven fortress fronting the twin peaks
'Halys Cut'
The Elven army enters Halys Cut
'Spires Reach'
Spires Reach



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